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General Corporate Legal Services

  • Corporate entity formation. We set up limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and joint ventures depending on the ownership interest of your company by taking into account taxation, reporting requirements, meeting requirements and the like.
  • Employee handbook, data privacy policies, code of conduct, document and email retention policies. All of these documents protect the business owner with respect to liability for the actions of employees as well as protect the company against issues for usage of customer data.
  • Sustainability policy. As customers and clients continue to emphasize "green policies" reducing waste (trash, gas, water and electric), reusing resources and recycling, it is a best practice to have a sustainability policy in place.
  • Risk management, human resources and litigation advice. We counsel business owners on managing risk issues, including cybersecurity, insurance, human resources and litigation.
  • SEC filings and securities laws. Public companies must comply with the Securities Exchange Commission rules and filings as well as securities laws that could severely impact a company for failure to do so both from a public image and a financial viewpoint. We have worked at and for public companies, so we are well-versed on the complex requirements.
  • Finance documents. We negotiate loan and credit agreements that include very detailed covenants restricting what a company can do as well as requirements that must be complied with to avoid severe consequences. 
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