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Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Structuring transactions. Holly's specialty and favorite type of work is mergers and acquisitions, which she has practiced for nearly 20 years. She helps clients structure the purchase or merger of another company to maximize client benefits and reduce liabilities and taxes. Whether a stock or asset or combination deal is best for the client entails careful review of the client's business as well as the purchased entity's business. This entails among other issues, assessing the risks incurred by the seller before the transaction, but which might not arise until the buyer is the owner.
  • Partnership, limited liability company and joint venture agreements. For some businesses, opportunities may arise whereby the company could join with another company to reduce costs, utilize strengths and reduce weaknesses of each company. Holly has had extensive experience setting up partnership, LLC and joint venture agreements with the entire business or a segment of a business.
  • Sale of a business. On the flip side, there may arise a time when you elect to sell your business whether you want to take the profits, to start a new business or to retire. Holly has substantial experience negotiating for the seller as well. The considerations for exit are the opposite in this respect where she will reduce any outstanding risk that the seller will have to re-pay the buyer for past actions.
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