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Legal Services

Our primary focus is on general corporate work, which runs the gamut from setting up companies with charter documents to negotiating contracts and leases to negotiating acquisition/sale agreements for the company. Along the way, everything will be explained to you in plain English, not legalese, so that you know exactly what all of the terms of the documents mean. We are responsive with emails, texts and phone calls so that you never feel like your legal team is not accessible to you.


• Commercial leases

• Commercial contracts

• Commission agreements

• Confidentiality agreements/NDA's

• Construction contracts

• Customer agreements, (master) supplier agreements / SOW, procurement agreements

• Employment, consulting, independent contractor and subcontractor agreements

• Escrow agreements

• Non-solicitation, Non-compete, Non-circumvention agreements

• Franchise agreements

• Outsourcing and licensing agreements

• Property management agreements

• Termination agreements

General Corporate

• Board and shareholder resolutions

• Document and email retention policies

• Employee handbook and code of conduct

• Ethics

• Finance and loan agreements

• Formation of new corporate entities

• Human resources

• Litigation advice

• Power of attorney

• Press releases

• Private equity / preferred stock

• Risk management and best practice advice

• Setting up a new business

•SEC filings and compliance with securities laws

• Sustainability and human rights policies

Mergers and Acquisitions

• Exchange and transfer agreements

• Joint venture agreements

• Letters of intent

• Limited liability company agreements

• Memorandum of understanding

• Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence

• M&A agreements for the purchase or sale of a business / portion thereof

• Partnership agreements

• Restructuring and reorganizing a business

• Structuring and advising on deal transactions (asset vs. stock, merger vs. acquisition, combination, holding companies)  



What Our Clients Are Saying

Holly is an outstanding lawyer!

S. Mahoney, RLJ Lodging Trust

I’m so happy for your help! You really helped me out!

N. McDonald, I Adore Beauty, LLC

I would highly recommend Holly for any professional endeavor -- she is an all-around excellent attorney whose vibrant personality and charm make her a pleasure to work with.

I. Serling, J.P. Morgan

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